Wallpapers that Wow!

In interior design, as with fashion, trends come and go.  Homeowners today rarely wallpaper every wall of every room like they did in the 1980s.  However, wallpapers are evolving.  New styles and textures are available today that are sure to delight. Wallpapers are a way to add texture, color and interest, even if only used in small doses. 
A dramatic design can make a great decorating statement in a small space. The walls seem to disappear, so you don’t feel as if you are enclosed in a small room. This vibrant patterned wallpaper adds a lot of personality and looks current and fresh next to the white moldings.  I love the pop of color that comes from the modern light fixture.
How do you make a child’s room cheerful and fun?  Cover the walls in a bright whimsical wallpaper.

The new nature-inspired wallpapers are bringing back the fun side of nature.  Bold and bright patterns have taken the place of more muted wall hues and overwrought floral fabrics.  The nature theme is heightened with wicker baskets and a kilim rug.
How do you make a statement in a room?  Murals are a great design element and can be used to create an accent wall.  Go big, bold and beautiful in a way that’s really fresh.  Both of these wallpapers are from Cole & Son.
The red and white floral wallpaper is both modern and cheery.  It adds much needed color and depth.  Restraint was exercised by only covering one wall.  This allows the contemporary art work to remain the focal point and not get swallowed up by an eye-catching pattern.  Photo from Stylizimo.blogspot.com.

The elegant and serene vibe of this bedroom is maintained because the beautiful wallpaper adds pattern and interest without overwhelming the room.  I love the brass nailhead detailing on the headboard.

If you’re worried that the wallpaper love affair won’t last, then consider creating a wallpaper screen.  I’m currently creating a focal point in my bedroom by placing an overscaled grasscloth wallpaper screen behind it.
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