Sliding Barn Doors.

No other architectural structure better exemplifies the spirit of the American pioneers than their barns. Today, many people recognize the beauty of these historic structures as many old barns have been located, dismantled and restored.  Their doors have been reclaimed and salvaged as well. Restoring these relics from the past gives us the opportunity of living with part of history. Integrating them into a home adds an immense amount of character as well as functionality. 
Sliding barn doors add instant charm and appeal to a space!  Unlike their hinged counterparts, slider doors occupy very little space as they are mounted on hardware above the door frame.  Acting as dividers between rooms, these doors come in a variety of styles and colors, such as this robin’s egg blue.

These doors can be rustic and earthy or modern and sleek.  They can be left in their natural state with peeling paint, knicks and other signs of wear or refinished and repainted in vibrant colors such as this canary yellow.

 Freshly painted a bright white to match the moldings, this sliding barn door adds beauty and function.  
There’s something romantic and rustic about sliding barn doors.  Utilizing them in a design scheme makes homes unique.  This barn door, left unfinished, is reminiscent of days long past.  It’s juxtaposed beautifully against the crisp white floor and walls.

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  1. Cindy @ reNOUNed Nest March 7, 2011 at 4:09 am #

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these barn doors! I was just trying to explain this to my hubby! Totally need to blog about this and try it in my own home!!! Thanks for posting this!

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