Hot Pink!

Rather than stop at neutral, provide a room with a shot of color and give it a stunning element of surprise. Contrasting it with an all white background packs a visual punch. The neutral white floor and crystal chandelier are not only gorgeous, but are a textural treat!

Fashion inspires interior design, and vice versa.

White on White….elegant, serene, nondistracting, airy.

White makes the most of endless variations of light. 

Such depth has been created within such a narrow band of color.
The numerous textures appeal to the eye because it duplicates nature.  The faceted crystal chandelier bounces light around the room. 
White feels cool in the summer yet still makes this bedroom feel cozy.

Just a Stone’s Throw Away………..

The texture of the limestone walls provide a dramatic backdrop in this bathroom.
There is a timeless feel to this french country kitchen due in large part to its’ stone walls.
The interior stone walls impart a feeling of strength, as well as warmth, to this home.

The stone’s patina lends undeniable character to this corner office.

The dramatic elements in the room still don’t steal the show from the stone walls in this home’s interior.

Here’s proof that rustic, modern, comptemporary and traditional elements can all happily coexist in a room.

First day of my blog

Shay is here helping me set up the blog.