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Michael Smith’s Breathtaking Interiors.

Designer Michael Smith’s style has been described as a blend of classic European style and American modernism.  He is one of Architectural Digest’s 100 Top Designers and in January 2009 added the Obamas to his list of famous clients when he won the White House commission.  Everything he touches looks timeless and classic yet fresh and modern. 
He defers to classic design, but isn’t afraid to mix modern elements ingenuously into the palette.  In this unassuming bedroom, as in everything he designs, nothing jumps out at you and says “Look at me!”   The Zuber wallpaper wraps the space with a country scene complete with rolling hills and trees creating the illusion of grandeur.

He isn’t afraid to combine different styles, periods and colors.  I love the vibrant Southeast Asian textiles and black laquer Chineese screen which add history and depth to his library.  Porcelain, vases, a marble obelisk and antique French maps infuse the space with character.
In this living room designed by Michael Smith, a naturally serene color palette combined with a mixture of antiques gives the room that “undecorated” look.  Photo via Elle Decor.
Custom etageres line the walls of this library designed by Michael Smith.  The ceiling has been meticulously paneled in walnut.

The mantel in this sunroom displays an antique Spanish door panel, Burmese wheel, and Cameroonian shields.  Stunning architectural detailing and furniture and flooring covered in natural fibers give the room an elegant relaxed feel.  Photo via Elle Decor. 

Smith’s style is heavily influenced by the English country look which can be seen in many of his works. His knack for combining the historical and classical with modern family items and decor is part of why his popularity has soared.

The walls in this Palladian villa have been decorated with Venetian plaster in the style of the original Palladio villas in Venice.  Each of the two separate seating areas has it’s own fireplace as a focal point.

In the midst of preparing this post, I raced to the gym for a quick workout.  While there I stumbled upon the March 2011 issue of Architectural Digest.  And, lo and behond, within those pages I found this gorgeous home designed by none other than Michael Smith.  I couldn’t resist adding them as they only further testify of his talent as a designer…. 

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