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Gorgeous Bathrooms With Ethnic Flair.

With global style gaining in popularity, have you considered adding an ethnic flair to your decor?  Incorporating items from various cultures adds personality to your decorating. A few ethnic pieces can make a bold statement and are much more interesting than generic decor.  Here are a few gorgeous bathrooms that benefit from the addition of various cultural styles.
This stunning bathroom, designed by Michael Smith, infuses a mixture of ethnic styles through the use of a 19th century Chinese cabinet and a stone floor inlaid with a 4th century Byzantine mosaic.  The juxtaposition of the eclectic mix of elements is breathtaking.  I could live in this room.
This bathroom has an asian flair thanks in part to the inclusion of a white chinoiserie bench.  Asian elements work especially well in modern designs.  Adding an ethnic flavor to a room through the use of accessories allows the aesthetic of the room to be easily changed as styles and tastes change.  Does this look appeal to you?
Again, ethnic accessoies add style and panache to a well-designed bathroom.   Creating a sense of history and authenticity, the asian stool and turkish ottoman rest on top of a stunning mosaic tiled floor. A plush white chair cozies up to a roaring fire.  I usually don’t imagine myself spending an afternoon in a bathroom, but this one just might be the exception. 
A beautifully detailed ceiling treatment casts beguiling shadows in the bathroom.  An eclectic mix of ethnic details beautifully coexist to create an alluring bathroom design.  It has the feel of a retreat or oasis where you could release the cares of the day.

A white rustic african stool contrasts with slick marble tile and a sleek bathroom vanity.  The rustic and refined meet to create the perfect composition.
Cindy Crawford’s rich elegant bathroom, designed by Michael Smith, incorpates an African stool.  I love the natural woven window treatment that filters the sunlight streaming in.  The house is situated on the beach in Malibu so I can only imagine what the view outside the window must be like.
In this elegant bathroom, designed by Michael Smith, an asian stool sits on top of an ethnic rug adjacent to the pedestal tub.