Black Walls.

Black walls can be pretty darn chic!
Most people are afraid to use black paint.  Before taking the plunge and covering your walls with black paint, you might want to start in a more private space such as a closet.  Leaving the ceiling and floor white keeps this space from becoming too dark.

In this stunning entryway, black walls highlight the white marble floor and create a dramatic first impression.  The look is dramatic, but somewhat stark.  I would have preferred to bring in more color through artwork and accessories.  What do you think?

Black is strong and masculine in this library filled with deep rich colors.  Black contributes to the intimate cozy feel.
Black bathrooms can be dreary without enough natural light and bright spots of color.  The look is elegant and modern (despite the period style pedestal tub).

The sculptural lines of the bookcases, where books are artfully arranged, pop against the ebony walls.  A clear acrylic desk allows the colorful rug to be fully displayed.  The space is sophisticated and current.  However, I don’t think the room would be the same without the richly colored antique rug.

The chic black walls make a strong dramatic statement.

The stark white detailed ceiling gives the eye a place to rest and opens up the dark room.  Books lining the shelves provide spots of color.  The center table provides a place for white statuary to be displayed.  I love the wide plank flooring!

Almost a soft charcoal gray, the black walls accentuate the light limestone fireplace.  A Venetian mirror further softens the look.

An abundance of crisp white molding breaks the black walls into smaller segments, almost creating an all-over pattern.  The look is elegant and classic.

This modern minimalistic bedroom utilizes a black wall to asymmetrically display unique artwork.  The light pine flooring adds a casual note. 

A wall of black bookcases adds sophistication to this den.  Rich textures and patterns infuse the space with a refined luxurious style. 

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